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The appreciation and no credit case of Ranaut sisters!

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The appreciation and no credit case of Ranaut sisters!

The war of words between Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar is no secret as the two keep making statements about each other in public ever since the actress appeared on Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee With Karan and called him “the flagbearer of nepotism”, someone who is “snooty and completely intolerant to outsiders” and accused him of running a “movie mafia”. The heated exchange of words since then has created a stir in the film industry with everyone having a strong viewpoint to share.

However, recently, both the Bollywood celebs received the Padma Shri Award, which is considered to be one of the prestigious honours in India. After Kangana’s warm congratulatory message for KJO, the latter is now all praises for her. In response to the same, the filmmaker praised Kangana for her talent and craft.

In an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, Karan stated, “As a filmmaker, I respect Kangana’s talent, craft, and what she brings to the table. She is an actor who has proved her mettle and is deserving of the honour. Besides Ekta and Adnan Sami, I am honoured to receive the Padma Shri alongside Kangana. Tomorrow if I have a film for which I need Kangana, I will pick up the phone and call her. Whatever the problem, whatever may have been said on social media, is irrelevant to me. I’m a filmmaker and she’s an artiste and no amount of personal bias should come in the way of that relationship. I believe in that and will stand by it.”

Nevertheless, seems like this didn’t go well with Kangana’s sister and manager Rangoli who as always mocked the filmmaker on social media for even imagining that the actress would come at a call! Moreover, Rangoli escalated further questioning Karan’s scripts.

She took her Twitter and shared “Karan Johar ji keh toh aise rahe hain ki jaise phone karne pe Kangana aa jati hai, Bhai saab aapke aur mere chahne se kya hota hai, Kangana ko toh script chahiye hoti hai, kabhi hogi aapke paas uske layak script 😂😂😂🙏”

Have a look:

Karan is not the only person to get slammed by Rangoli for praising her sister’s Padma Shri win, even Alia Bhatt who sent her congratulatory flowers last week was criticised for her act on twitter.

Well, this is not the first time Rangoli has taken panga with someone, in the past too Varun Dhawan, Taapsee Pannu, Hrithik Roshan, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra etc have been her targets.

While Rangoli has many a time have spoken about Kangana not getting enough credit for her body of work, it’s disheartening to see how the ones who praise Kangana’s work get taunted by the sisters.

Well, we will have to wait and see how long Rangoli creates havoc on social media out of no issues!