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Randeep Hooda condemns Dia Mirza over her remarks about the forest department!

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Randeep Hooda condemns Dia Mirza over her remarks about the forest department!

Actors Dia Mirza and Randeep Hooda recently engaged in an altercation on Twitter over the former’s comments against the forest department. The ruthless killing of a 6 year old tigress by villagers in Uttar Pradesh had anguished the entire nation. Reacting to the same, Dia took to social media to voice her displeasure regarding the forest officials’ lack of prompt action.

Dia has tweeted, “The tigress could have been rescued and given timely medical aid as the forest officials had reached the spot. But their inability to rescue the injured big cat in a span of over nine hours undoubtedly reflects their inability in protecting wildlife in adverse situations.”

This did not go down well with Randeep who felt the officials do their best always but receive flak nonetheless. He felt Dia should have be more considerate with her words rather than blaming them.

He replied to her post by writing, “With all due respect I disagree with this sweeping accusation @deespeak Forest dept is capable and doing good work. She was beyond rescue when found as I talked with experts. Even staff got injured in process. It’s the forest dept thats keeping our wildlife alive not just NGO.”

Things soon turned unpleasant leading to a war of words between the two.  Dia responded to his tweet saying, “Randeep, please know that this is a quote from the article attached clearly denoted by the inverted commas. I have always, and will always champion the cause of Forest Rangers and officials. They work with very frugal means and are brave, resilient, rakshaks of our lives.”

Randeep then asked Dia why she chose to share this particular quote from the article to which Dia responded, “Because this is also a stark reality that confronts us. With human animal conflict on the rise our foresters need more to handle these situations. They have been heinous attacks made on our foresters as well.”

Her response did not sit well with the actor who said, “In other words you do believe what you had picked to quote dear @deespeak let’s not make villains out of the forest department on hearsay and undermine their relentless hard work while going about town praising other players for theirs..the aim is the same, let’s work together.”

Dia didn’t respond to his tweet. We hope the duo sorts it out soon!