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Not Parineeti Chopra, Sania Mirza wants these Bollywood beauties to portray her in her biopic

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Not Parineeti Chopra, Sania Mirza wants these Bollywood beauties to portray her in her biopic

Biopics have always had a special place in Bollywood and more often than not they have proved to be sure shot box office successes. The biopic on the life of tennis champion Sania Mirza has been in the news for quite some time now. While there are several names that have been speculated, the strongest has been that of Sania’s closest friend Parineeti Chopra to play her in her biopic. However, much to everyone’s delight the most adored sports star recently in an interview opened on why Parineeti cannot star in her biopic and also shared her picks of actors who she thinks would be an apt choice to play her on the big screen. Sania also revealed that the rights to her biopic have been sold to producer Ronnie Screwvala.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Sania shared, “I’ve sold my biopic rights to Ronnie Screwvala for the production so it is underway. I think we are still in the process and are into the directors right now.”

When quizzed which actress can fit in her shoes, she answered, “I guess Pari can’t do it because she’s doing Saina Nehwal now, so she’s out of the picture.” When further probed, Sania shared, “There are so many amazing actors and I’m sure they could do justice to my role. There’s obviously Alia, Deepika, Anushka… Sara Ali Khan. I think it could be anyone. A lot will also depend on the script. It can also depend on how it will be played, who has free dates, there are so many things involved in an actor coming on-board.”

Sania went on to reveal that she was offered to play herself on the big screen, but she politely declined the offer and told the makers that she is not “talented enough” to make her acting debut.

Earlier, while speaking on Kareena Kapoor’s talk show ‘What Women Want’, Sania had said she would be involved creatively in the film because even though she has written an autobiography, she feels that not a lot of people understand what a sportsperson goes through. She had shared that while the people get a glimpse of the glitz and glamour, they hardly know and understand the hours of work and sacrifices that go into it. She had told Bebo, “I would like to inspire other girls to pick up tennis racquets or follow their dreams.”

Coming back to her friendship with BFF Parineeti Chopra, in the same chat with Pinkvilla, the tennis player revealed how she is communicating with Pari amid the coronavirus outbreak. Sania said, “Me and Pari have a very random friendship where we don’t talk for weeks in a row and then suddenly we’ll talk like all the time. But we get each other and that’s totally fine. In the morning I think she was playing quarantine antakshari and it was just random. I had not spoken to her in a few weeks and I just sent her ‘Tu tu tu, tu tu tara, todo naa dil humaara’ because the letter was ‘T’ and she totally got it.”

Well, we can’t wait to watch Sania Mirza’s life unfold on the big screen. Who do you think is the apt choice to play the Grand Slam winner onscreen? Let us know in the comments section below.