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Kriti Sanon to undergo intense physical transformation for her role in ‘Mimi’

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Kriti Sanon to undergo intense physical transformation for her role in ‘Mimi’

Kriti Sanon is all set to break stereotypes with her upcoming film, Mimi. The talented actor who is currently busy prepping up for her role and is all set to undergo intense physical transformation. If reports are to be believed, Kriti will be gaining 15 kgs to look her part and is currently on a different diet to get a particular physique for the movie. Yes, you read that right!

Kriti who is one of the fittest actors in B-town will be putting on weight for her character in the film. Considering how Kriti has always had a lean physique, it will be interesting to see how the actor looks in Mimi, as the film narrates a story of a surrogate mother.

Talking about playing the role for the first time and gaining weight, Kriti shared how putting on more kilos is a challenge for her as it is very new to her body. She further added that she is excited to see the transformation for the role that is close to her heart.

“For me, putting on so many kilos is actually a challenge as it’s very new for my body. I have to in a way fight my metabolism and increase my calorie intake to gain that much weight in a short time. But I’m excited to see the transformation. It’s a role very close to my heart and I want to give it everything I can, even if that means not taking up any other work in the process,” Kriti Said.


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A source close to the film added that Kriti has increased the intake of carbs and fat to weigh heavier. “Kriti has gone all out to ace the role. To gain weight, she had to increase her carb and fat intake. It includes cheese, desserts, ghee, junk food, fried stuff, potato, sweet potatoes. She has never been on a diet and ate everything. She also had to increase the quantity of every meal and the calorie intake. She also sometimes had to eat when she was not hungry,” a source, close to the development, informed Mid-Day.

Kriti, who’s a foodie at heart, is enjoying gorging on yummy food and we hope she’s having the time of her life with these new goals.

Here’s wishing her lots of guilt-free pizzas and burgers indulgences.