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Has Deepika finally gotten rid of her RK tattoo?

Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh- The Twisted BEast

Some news from the celebrity wedding of the year! Deepika & Ranveer’s post marriage pics and videos have thrown up a new surprise for us. Her widely spoken about ‘RK’ tattoo seems to have been wiped off!

See below pictures to believe us

Deepika Padukone - The Twisted BEast Deepika Padukone - The Twisted BEast

While most of the speculations around newly-weds revolve around – will the bride take his last name? will they stay in the family home? honeymoon destination? etc etc….celebrities obviously have unique subjects to address! Case in point being – Deepika’s tattoo.

Deepika had got this tattoo around the time she was dating Ranbir Kapoor and flaunted it with utmost grace even post their break-up. The tattoo came up in several conversations through the years. From press conferences to episodes on koffee with karan she was time and again asked about it while she maintained her grace throughout.

Deepika had always stated that she has no plans of taking it off and has never regretted being inked. But Before she entered life 2.0, Deepika seems to have already done the deed. Or is this just a good make- up camouflage only time will tell. Whatever the case may be, looks like Deepika has taken this baggage off her back (literally) and moved on into her marital bliss.

We have always been in love with the DeepVeer chemistry and wish them an awesome married life!  Xoxo